Resources for volunteers…

The project relies on its volunteer force who collect, check and share information helping us in the preservation and management of this incredible monument.
All resources will be available via your volunteer coordinator who will be able to help you understand what’s required.

Here are some resources for our volunteers:

Volunteer Resources

Many of those that volunteer or just walk the trails take photographs of the area and have done for some time. If you want to send us some of your pictures taken from the trail please let the ODA know. Volunteers and members of the public wishing to help monitor the monument using photographs, please read these guidelines written for work carried out on Hadrian's wall: Fixed-point photographic monitoring on Hadrian's Wall Path
There are several guidelines available that you could use depending on what you want to record.
This is a link to a page where registered volunteers can submit their reports/photos/files, etc. Volunteer submissions If you are not a registered volunteer, please do register or send your submissions to

Here is a list of additional resources available

Additional resources…

Public Archaeology 2015: Letting public engagement with archaeology 'speak for itself' - Dr. Lorna Richardson (Twitter).
Dr. Chloe Duckworth's YouTube channel where all sorts of information about archaeological practices and recording are demonstrated so well.
Carbon Dating explained... - Dr. Chloe Duckworth
Ben Silver's Archaeology channel
Podcasts (interviews and newsbites, etc.) on different subjects from around the world of archaeology... The Naked Archaeologists - University of Cambridge based.
OpenUniversity based lectures and podcasts 
The Royal Archaeological Institute lectures

(see also YouTube’s list of Offa’s Dyke videos

The threat’s faced by the Offa’s Dyke monument… e.g. bulldozing for development

Dave McGlade (2015) Monitoring the Trail & World Heritage Site | Hadrian’s Wall Path Trail Officer’s Blog | National Trails. Available at: (Accessed: 23 October 2017).