Welcome to CoSMMCommunity Stewardship of Mercian Monuments
Croeso i CoSMMStiwardiaeth Gymunedol Cofebion Mercia

The primary aim of this project is Offa’s Dyke and Wat’s Dyke so, in collaboration with and supported by Offa’s Dyke Association (now incorporating Wat’s dyke), we are progressing this very exciting venture of working with, and on behalf of where we can help, communities on both sides of the monument along the length of the dyke so if you know of contacts in the communities please do let us know cosmmout@gmail.com.
The aim is to work with local communities engaging and enlisting support to monitor and enjoy the monument with the aim of getting more of it protected by Historic England’s listing Historic England’s listing process, the Heritage Lottery Funding body or have it declared a Heritage Action Zone by Historic England.

For more information about Offa’s Dyke, please take the opportunity to read Dr. Keith Ray’s book .

The site has been set up by Archaeology Outreach UK based on the methodology outlined by the CORS project ; – a couple of archaeology students keen on Outreach (one whose primary job is Outreach and community projects), simply engaging communities in archaeology, heritage, monitoring, preserving or simply admiring their local monuments.

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