The CoSMM workflow

This page describes the CoSMM workflow and basis to the outreach model.

Offa’s dyke is around 115 miles long, depending on the current archaeological evidence , so the project essentially splits the monument into chunks covered by ‘groups’ or “micro.CoSMMs“.
These groups are neighbours along the dyke and, where possible, involve someone from the Mercian and Welsh sides of the monument. The extent of the area that a group can realistically monitor will be agreed with them as they come on board (there maybe some negotiation about the extent of neighbouring  groups where they overlap).

Each micro.CoSMM will …

  • have coordinators (more than one to accommodate holiday, skill-set, language, etc.) available on a group-based email address
    e.g. cosmm.<group>
    and an area of the website to present their invaluable work.
    <group>, above, will be one of the areas covered so, for example, will cover the Trefonen group’s work.
  • be responsible for looking after volunteer administration (who’s who and how can we contact them)
  • volunteer and visitor access (e.g. encouraging visitors stick to the Offa’s Dyke Path so as not to damage the monument, etc.)
  • organise events and liaising the CoSMM team – so we can possibly coordinate concurrent events, disseminating information for volunteers and training and support where necessary

Each micro.CoSMM co-ordinator will…

  • be responsible for notifying CoSMM of their volunteers membership
    (Note: member’s contact information will only held for the duration of their volunteering.  When notified, by the member or their co-ordinator, of their leaving then contact details will be deleted though their contributions will still be attributed to them unless notified otherwise)
  • assist members in their help monitoring the monument and any matters that may concern them in their help (e.g. IT matters uploading and downloading files, etc.)
  • contact CoSMM with feedback, notifications, concerns and ideas or anything of note