News and updates…

Since it’s inception in August 2017, a lot of progress has been made with the CoSMM project.  Here is where we will report it and with comments and updates from supporters and groups and volunteer coordinators and, of course, our volunteers.

The project covers the monument in sections (some with a larger volunteer force than others) that we call ‘micro-cosmms’ and each has a coordinator that liaise between us and the volunteers and other micro-cosmms along the monument.
The launch of the project was in Trefonen at a meeting of the TRPG (Trefonen Rural Protection Group) where we accompanied Dr. Keith Ray and Dave McGlade (or the Offa’s Dyke Association) giving a talk to a keen 120 people as reported on the ODC (Offa’s Dyke Collaboratory) website

To send news about your area and the project in – please contact your coordinator or email us directly at with a subject line prefixed with the name of the area you visited.
e.g. Subject: “Oswestry: car park plans”

There is also a related Knowledge Based where you can ask or answer questions and join in the information gathering.