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This area is about who we are, what area we cover and how to contact us.
This area links to a page listing (and geo-locating) areas of concern or in need of conservation. Collecting data by monitoring them using practices such as 'fixed point photography'. Markers will be located in accordance with the Conservation Management Plan (release imminent) and other groups via the micro.CoSMM coordinator.
This area identifies (and geo-locates) areas of the monuments in the landscape covered by this micro.CoSMM, that are under threat by erosion or intervention. Liaising with the stakeholders in the landscape, other micro.CoSMMs and communities to help develop mutually agreed mitigation.
This area identifies the projects being created or curated in this micro.CoSMM. These projects may range from monitoring specific areas, data collection, walking surveys to events, talks and parties. For more information, please contact the micro.CoSMM coordinator.
This area is for questions and answers about what has been found in the area. e.g. Is this a feature at the time or more contemporary? Why did they put that there? Why is there a tree here in the middle of a broken wall?