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This is a web site dedicated to CoSMM – Community Stewardship of Mercian Monuments … in this case primarily Offa’s Dyke and Wat’s Dyke.
In collaboration and support of the Offa’s Dyke Association (which now incorporates Wat’s dyke), we are progressing this very exciting venture of working with communities, on both sides of the monument, along the length so if you know of contacts please do let us know cosmmout@gmail.com.

The site has been set up by Archaeology Outreach UK and we are a couple of archaeology students keen on Outreach or simply engaging communities in  archaeology, heritage, monitoring, preserving or simply admiring their local monuments.


The Offa’s Dyke Association (2017) Welcome to the Offa’s Dyke Association, Offa’s Dyke Association. Available at: http://offasdyke.org.uk/ (Accessed: 11 April 2017).

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  1. Also in collaboration with the HERs and CPAT

    “So if you know of any contacts…” but needs explaining. Point to the project workflow and that of the coordinators and volunteers.

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